Sound Engineering

Sound Engineering

The Sound Engineer handles all the music technical things in the recording studio. The Sound Engineer, in cooperation with the Music Producer, deals in particular with:

  • the recording method
  • the acoustics of the recording room
  • the microphones, microphone techniques and setups
  • the mixing consoles, both analog and digital
  • the audio connections, both analog and digital
  • the speakers
  • the monitoring for the musicians
  • the mixing techniques, equalizers, compressors, effects, sounds,
  • analog and digital

Where in the past the “Sound Engineering” was taken care of by the music technician, this “task” is now often taken on account and combined with the role of the Music Producer. If necessary, for example for a large band or large project, a separate Sound Engineer is deployed.

Crazy Cats Music Productions has its own professional recording and mixing room. The recording room is homely and warm. If necessary, use is made of another recording space, for example that of Woodstock Vintage Recording Studio. Crazy Cats Music Productions’ equipment is professional and from premium and innovative brands. With us, sound engineering always goes hand in hand with Music Producing, and cannot be purchased as a separate service.

Call +31 6 20 71 72 82 for more information and / or rates.

Extract from the track record of Crazy Cats Music Productions:

  • Marjon Wevers (re-mastering)
  • Manon DeLange (recordings + mixing + mastering)
  • Bente Hof (recordings + mixing + mastering)
  • Rosalie & Lars (recordings + mixing + mastering)
  • RoseLynn (recordings + mixing + mastering)
  • Connectiing Vibes (recordings + mixing + mastering)
  • Nathalie (recordings + mixing + mastering)
  • Marieke Pril (recordings + mixing + mastering)
  • Annemiek Muziek Project (recordings + mixing + mastering)
  • Faico (recordings)
  • TempleBar (recordings + mixing)
  • Songs Of Silence (recordings + mixing + mastering))
  • Toetkapel Onderoet (recordings + mixing + mastering)
  • Rosalie (recordings + mixing + mastering)
  • Bonnie & Clyde (recordings + mixing + mastering)
  • Wolves Dressed In Sheep (recordings + mixing)
  • De Ministers (remix)
  • Rock City (recordings + mixing)
  • Various The Band (recordings + mixing).
  • Eva Amalgor (remix)
  • Einstein Barbie (remix)
  • Bart Oostindie (remix)
  • Rivers (remix)
  • Roan (remix)
  • Jodie Kean (remix)
  • Diede (remix)
  • Sasja Mayura (recordings + mixing + mastering)