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Crazy Cats Music Productions mainly focuses on:

Music Producing & Sound Engineering

Live Mixing en Recording

Individual and Band Coaching


Crazy Cats Music Productions is an initiative of Marcel Engelbertink. Marcel is originally a drummer and has also developed into a versatile live and studio musician on guitar, bass guitar, vocals and piano. After his active career as a drummer / singer of a well-known band from the Netherlands, he developed into a music producer & sound engineer. Among other things, through a two-year training as a music producer & sound engineer at Volver Studios | Volver Sound Academy in Tilburg. He now has many recording, producing and mixing sessions behind his name.

With more than 40 years of experience and more than 10,000 “flight hours”, he knows the music world and the world of the musician like no other, both live and in the studio. You are in good hands with him when it comes to your professional development as a musician and / or the development of your band. He takes you and / or your band to “the next level”. Not just musically. With his background as a Master in Business Administration, he can also take you further in business and think along with you about your future as a successful musician.

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Marcel Engelbertink