Music Producing

Music Producing

The Music Producer is in charge of the entire process of producing, recording and mixing your music in a professional studio. A studio where you feel at home and at ease, and can perform optimally. The Music Producer guides you (and your band members) in the studio and takes you to a higher level. He/she thinks along with you (and your band) in all respects, looks and listens critically to the arrangement (form, choice of instruments and how they sound, dynamics and expressiveness, tempo, hooks), the text and the sound. Everything is sound!

The Music Producer and Sound Engineer of Crazy Cats Music Productions, Marcel Engelbertink, is open and receptive to your music, forms ideas and also keeps an eye on all technical aspects of the music production.

We agree with you which product and in which file format (WAV, FLAC) we will deliver this product. This product can be, for example:

  • the individual tracks, not mixed
  • the mix, not mastered
  • the mix, mastered

We can also ensure that your songs are placed and distributed on online music platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, iHeartRadio, YouTube and Deezer.

Call +31 6 20 71 72 82 for more information and / or rates.

Extract from the track record of Crazy Cats Music Productions:

  • Joly Ann (recordings + mixing +) Mastering by Darcy Proper
  • Ran Pol (recordings + mixing) Mastering by Darcy Proper
  • Yara (recordings + mixing) Mastering by Darcy Proper
  • Yvonne Vruggink (recordings + mixing + mastering)
  • Sasja & Koen (recordings + mixing + mastering)
  • Anouk Maze (recordings + mixing + mastering)
  • Miss Moonshine (recordings + mixing + mastering)
  • Marjon Wevers (re-mastering)
  • Manon DeLange (recordings + mixing + mastering)
  • Bente Hof (recordings + mixing) Mastering by Darcy Proper
  • Rosalie & Lars (recordings + mixing) Mastering by Darcy Proper
  • RoseLynn (recordings + mixing + mastering)
  • Connectiing Vibes (recordings + mixing + mastering)
  • Nathalie (recordings + mixing) Mastering by Darcy Proper
  • Marieke Pril (recordings + mixing + mastering)
  • Annemiek Muziek Project (recordings + mixing + mastering)
  • Sasja Mayura (recordings + mixing + mastering)
  • Faico (recordings)
  • TempleBar (recordings + mixing)
  • Songs Of Silence (recordings + mixing + mastering))
  • Toetkapel Onderoet (recordings + mixing + mastering)
  • Rosalie (recordings + mixing + mastering)
  • Bonnie & Clyde (recordings + mixing + mastering)
  • Wolves Dressed In Sheep (recordings + mixing)
  • De Ministers (remix)
  • Rock City (recordings + mixing)
  • Various The Band (recordings + mixing).
  • Eva Amalgor (remix)
  • Einstein Barbie (remix)
  • Bart Oostindie (remix)
  • Rivers (remix)
  • Roan (remix)
  • Jodie Kean (remix)
  • Diede (remix)