Live Mixing & Recording

Live Mixing & Recording

Live mixing turns out to be a difficult job. What we often see is that live mixing is left to – with all due respect – “roadies” because there’s no budget left for a mixing engineer or not thought to be important. The people who build and connect the sound system (the roadies) often also do the mixing. Mixing, in the studio and live, is a real profession that should not be underestimated.

For the musician / band it can be very frustrating if the sound of their music is not good. You do not only want a good sound and hear yourself well ‘on stage’, you also want the people who have taken the trouble to come to your performance to be treated to a beautiful sound that matches your music.

At Crazy Cats Music Productions you have come to the right place. Certified and experienced Music Producer & Sound Engineer Marcel Engelbertink can be hired for live mixing and possibly recording your performance.

Our rates include professional sound and light. For performances up to approx. 200 people.

Call +31 6 20 71 72 82 for more information and / or rates.