Band and Individual Coaching

Band and Individual Coaching

Each band has its own strengths, but also points for development. The latter in particular is often a blind spot. To grow as a band and to get the best out of yourself, means that we always offer customization. Per band and band member we look at what is needed to further help the band in achieving their own goals.

Aspects of band coaching are for example:

  • How do you work together and give each other feedback with the aim of taking the band to a higher level?
  • What is the role of each instrument?
  • Do you have your own sound and how can you amplify (realize) it?
  • How do you write your own number?
  • What do you want to develop yourself in and how do you do that?
  • How do you arrange performances and what do you need for that?
  • How do you ensure “the right sound” during your performances?

Aspects of individual coaching are, for example:

  • What musical talent were you born with?
  • What is your dream in the music world?
  • What would you give to realize that dream?
  • What do you need from us to make that dream come true?

We can also work on your performance, for example for the different performances that you can do during the year. Band coaching is available for both beginning and experienced singers, singer songwriters and bands. A concrete plan is drawn up together that is translated into concrete activities.

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